Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Lipcare from CVS

This week CVS is running a sale for Extra Care cardholders - the Neosporin Lip Health is $5.95 and you get an automatic $2.95 in savings at the register; paired with this coupon you can get it for FREE!  each computer that you have access to will allow 2 coupons, so stock up if you can.  I have been wanting to try this for Laney, so we'll see how it works.

Goodies in Today's Mail

Today's mail was pretty good.  I got my TGI Friday's Stripes Card.  This entitles me to a free appetizer, a no-waiting pass (I don't have to wait in line to get a table!), and $8 back for every $100 I spend. 

I also got two free Huggies Pure & Natural diapers (I throw these in the center console of the truck) and a coupon for $3/1.  You can usually get these for $6/pack, so this is a pretty good coupon.

$99 John Deere Ride-On

Wal-Mart has the John Deere Farm Animals Hay Ride Ride-On by Peg Perego for just $99 and it ships free site to store.

Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine

Go here and possibly score a free one year subscription to WW magazine.  I got mine, but they ask you questions about your profession - mine is education.  That may have affected me getting the reward, so answer the questions accordingly!  This definitely comes in handy since it's been approximately 2 years since I weighed below 120.  I'd like to see that number again soon!

Old Navy PJs for $5.60

Old Navy has a sale on PJs for the whole family for $7.  Use the code ONSAVE20 to save 20% (which makes them $5.60) and spend at least $50 to get free shipping.

Cheap Christmas DVDs

Head over here and use the pull down menu to go to the entertainment coupons.  Print the $3/1 coupons and get the Curious George Christmas DVD, The Grinch, Coraline, or Barbie Christmas Carol for potentially $2 each.  Tyler LOVES Curious George, and I love the Jim Carey version of The Grinch...I may be taking advantage of this deal soon.  I will check back and let you all know the pricing of these in our area.

Free Haircare for Facebookers

If you are a member of Facebook, you can go here to get a free sample of Living Proof haircare.

Snapfish BOGO Calendar & Free Flip Book

Now through 12/24 you can go to Snapfish and buy one calendar and get another one free.  You have to use the code RACHAELRAY, and by doing so you get a free photo flip book.  You create the calendar and add it to your cart with a quantity of 2.  Then use the code and within 48 hours of your order you will get a credit on your account for the free flip book.

VistaPrint Freebies

Right now you can go here and choose from the following freebies:  wall calendar, desk calendar, photo flip book, photo mug, photo notebook, photo totebag, photo magnet, holiday stamp, 140 address labels, 10 folded holiday note cards, or 250 business cards.
You do have to pay shipping, but it looks pretty reasonable.  I have a free return address rubber stamp that I got from them a few years ago and it is still going strong.

$1 Socks at Old Navy this Weekend

This Saturday only there will be a "Cozy Socks Saturday" event going on.  All of their cozy socks will be $1 (limit 5 per customer).  There is also a 30% one item coupon here that could come in handy.  Add these additional coupons for an even better deal!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?? *cricket cricket*

Just wondering how many of you are actually reading the blog.  I sort of feel like I am blogging for myself...I hope that this is not the case!  I would like for you guys to post here if you read the blog and let me know how often you are checking in.  Thanks!

O, The Oprah Magazine for $5!

Go here to get your 1 year subscription to O, The Oprah Magazine.  This subscription has never been this low, so I would snag it now!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodies in Today's Mailbox

Today was a good mailbox day!  I got 7 coupons for free food from Zaxby's - I signed up on the Zaxby's website and they sent me a coupon for a free meal.  I also signed up all three of my kids and they sent each one of them a coupon for a free kids meal.  They also sent them all a coupon for a free cookie!

I also received two of the free calendars that I ordered from photoworks.  There was a promotion running a while back and I got the calendars for free (with free shipping).  I have to say, these calendars are EXCELLENT quality, and I am definitely going to use this company if I have to buy any photo gifts from now on.

I also got three magazines from the TEN magazine subscriptions that I have.  There is really no good reason to have so many magazine subscriptions, especially since I don't have time to read them!  Most of them end up getting donated to my classroom.  I have to be honest - I get 90% of my magazine subscriptions for free.  My personal limit for a magazine subscription is $5/year.  The only time I will break that rule is for All You.  It costs about $15/year and each issue has at least $100 worth of coupons in it...well worth the $15 you pay for a year's worth if you ask me.

Amazon Deal on Scene It DVD Games

Right now you can go here and get a variety of the Scene It games for $7.99.  I think the customer limit is 3, but if you get at least $25 worth of stuff to check out with then shipping is free.  Am I a nerd for really wanting the 80s Scene It game??

$5 (or less) Magazine Subscriptions

Best Deals Magazines currently has a promotion running for several magazines for less than $5/year.

ESPN is $3.28 (use code ESPN)
Woman's Day is $3.75 (use code WDAY)
Family Fun, Shape, or Family Circle is $4.69 - I have all three, and Family Fun is amazing!

Use code CYBER19 to get 19% off
Use code PXCJ1213 to get 15% off

*I am not sure if these codes stack, but if they do it is a heck of a deal!

Disney Blu-Ray Upgrade Program

Go here and read the instructions about how to send in your Disney DVDs in exhange for an $8 Blu-Ray coupon.  I haven't made the jump to Blu-Ray just yet...we have too much money invested in regular DVDs, and they look just fine to me!

$5 Hallmark Coupon Deals

These coupons are floating around in several magazines, but you can go here and print two (per computer).  I managed to get about 6 of these from magazines & printing and found some really good deals at my local Hallmark store in the mall.

Transaction #1:  I bought a paper doll board game that was orignially $15.99 with 40% off.  Used the coupon and got the game for $5 and some change.

Transaction #2:  I bought a book for Josh for $9.99.  Used the coupon and got it for $5 and some change.

Transaction #3:  I bought three of the 99 cent cards and the hardcover book (Snow Glad We're Friends).  The book is regularly $7.99, but you can get it for $2.99 when you buy 3 cards.  Used the coupon and paid $1 and some change.

G-Force DVD $4.99 at Target

Most of the new DVDs coming out at Target are priced at $19.99.  Right now you can print coupons here and here to get $10 and $5 off the new G-Force DVD at Target.  Potentially $4.99 after coupons.

Free Stuff at Bath & Body Works

Go here to get a coupon for a free travel-sized item at Bath & Body Works with any purchase.

Free/Nearly Free Batteries

Go to the Rayovac website here and type in the code 74016761 to get a coupon for $1 off a pack of Rayovac batteries.  The code has to be typed in (not copy/pasted), but you can print as many as you want.  These are currently priced at $0.97 at Wal-Mart and $1 at Target. 

Thanks, dealseekingmom!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekly Wal-Mart deals ~ 130 items under $1 (14 free!)

Here is an EXHAUSTIVE list for this week's deals at Wal-Mart. There are 130 items under $1 after coupons and 14 items that end up being free after coupons. I will warn those of you that shop at the 2 Wal-Mart stores in my area...they are never happy about taking coupons (especially internet printed coupons). It depends on who the cashier is and ultimately who the manager is.

Thanks couponingtodisney!

Day 1...Getting Started!

So after a year of frugal living I have finally decided to take the leap and start a blog. I found myself sending several emails a day to friends & family to let them know about the awesome deals I was finding, and it got to be a little tedious. People got to the point where they quit reading my emails because they were getting so many of them! This adventure may not turn out exactly as planned, but there's no harm in trying. I am hoping to get this out to my friends and people in my area so they can start saving like I do. Wish me luck!