Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodies in Today's Mailbox

Today was a good mailbox day!  I got 7 coupons for free food from Zaxby's - I signed up on the Zaxby's website and they sent me a coupon for a free meal.  I also signed up all three of my kids and they sent each one of them a coupon for a free kids meal.  They also sent them all a coupon for a free cookie!

I also received two of the free calendars that I ordered from photoworks.  There was a promotion running a while back and I got the calendars for free (with free shipping).  I have to say, these calendars are EXCELLENT quality, and I am definitely going to use this company if I have to buy any photo gifts from now on.

I also got three magazines from the TEN magazine subscriptions that I have.  There is really no good reason to have so many magazine subscriptions, especially since I don't have time to read them!  Most of them end up getting donated to my classroom.  I have to be honest - I get 90% of my magazine subscriptions for free.  My personal limit for a magazine subscription is $5/year.  The only time I will break that rule is for All You.  It costs about $15/year and each issue has at least $100 worth of coupons in it...well worth the $15 you pay for a year's worth if you ask me.

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